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How to keep organised

Are you struggling to stay organised? You know you want to get your life in order and stop leaving everything to the last minute but not sure how? In this blog post, I'll be giving you my top tips on how you can keep organised.

Goth office showing gothic stationery including a weekly planner and goth notepads

1. Always write things down

You've probably heard this one already and while a simple tip, its very effective. But did you know that you're 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? Writing down all your important notes and to-do lists helps to empty your brain out onto one piece of paper. This free's up your mind and allows you to focus on other things instead of constantly repeating your list over and over only to end up forgetting the most important things!

2. Set schedules and goals

Finding a schedule that works for you can be so beneficial. Find out what time suits you best to help your productivity. For me, I'm either at my most productive in the morning or late at night so I try to utilise this time for the more difficult tasks to work more efficiently. Goal setting will help too as if you don't have a goal in mind, how will you know what you're aiming for? Set your goals (I love to set mine at the start of each month and week) and keep those goals in mind as motivation and to remind you where you want to be heading.

3. Stop procrastinating

We all procrastinate at some point. Whether its purposefully avoiding the task or aimlessly scrolling through Tik Tok so you don't have to even think about it. However the best thing you can do is get it ticked off your list and out the way first. This way you can enjoy the rest of your day instead of dragging that task out throughout the entire day. You can also break it down into more manageable tasks if it seems to overwhelming.

Goth girl writing on gothic notepad using a bat pen

But why should you want to be organised? Well it's a lot more beneficial than you might've thought!

1. It saves you time

Being organised allows you to dedicate time to specific tasks which gets those tasks done quicker saving you more time in the long run. If you plan before, you will save time and avoid stress later on.

2. Being organised increases your productivity

Organisation and productivity go hand in hand. Being organised helps you to focus on your tasks and helps you to accomplish them quicker which allows you to get more tasks down therefore increasing your productivity.

3. Being organised decreases stress and overwhelm

When you write out a plan or a to-do list, it helps to clear your mind (as mentioned earlier) and decreases your stress of trying to remember everything along with the overwhelm of the tasks themselves. Writing these down helps to make them manageable, ordered and achievable and therefore decreases your feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Goth office with gothic stationery including coffin notepad and bat notepads

Now you have knowledge of how to be organised and why you should strive for being organised, now its time to action it!

Shop our range of Gothic Stationery here so you can be on your way to a organised de-stressed life now! Choose from our weekly planners, daily planners, gothic notepads and notebooks, memo pads, pens and more to plan your day, get organised and be more productive!

Stay Spooky,

Kirstie x

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1 Comment

Jun 02, 2023

Great post 👍🏽!!! like being organized but struggle with it due to my health. These tips are great 👍🏽

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