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Gothic Jewellery Collection

Are you struggling to find unique gothic jewellery that is affordable, suits your style AND is good quality? It can be so difficult these days to find all three (especially as prices going up and quality going down seems to be the new trend!!)

In this video, I go through my new stainless steel gothic jewellery collection - a collection that combines affordability with high quality. It features goth necklaces and goth earrings with a range of different themes including bat jewellery, ghost jewellery, rose jewellery and more so no matter your style - I've got you covered!

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DRESS - Killstar

NECKLACE: Simply Gothic 'Fangs Necklace'

LIPSTICK - Maybelline - 'Pioneer'

HAIRBOWS - Pretty Alternative Design

DISCLAIMER ➙ This post does contain affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase anything through the use of my links, I receive a small commission. *These items were bought myself and all opinions and reviews are my own.*

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I have a brand new stainless steel jewelry collection to share with you and I'm so excited, there are 10 jewellery pieces in this collection so quite a lot to go through so I hope you absolutely love this video and love the collection. It's got quite a lot of different things - it's got moths, bats, ghosts, roses and skulls. I'll put the date that it goes live on the screen for you here and the time I believe it will be about 6 p.m I always try and release my things at 6 p.m in British time so still works out a good time for my International customers so it's usually at 6 p.m.

I'm going to show you all of the collection in detail I'll start with the one that arrived the other day now I've done some word necklaces in my shop before I've got so many I've got haunted, bite me, Dracula, ghoul, villain like so many Wednesday, Nevermore and I really wanted to bring out some more so one new one will be in this collection. I don't know why I didn't bring this out sooner but it's a goth necklace one so I asked you on my Instagram story I think I gave you like an option of about five or six and I got you to vote for the one that you would really like and the one you would most likely wear and this was definitely one of the top ones. Just like my other stainless steel word necklaces you've got the word in the Old English text this is the same text that I use for my logo so it kind of fits perfectly brand wise and it's on a stainless steel chain with a lobster clasp and an extender chain. This is the pendant and I love how these catch the Light, like I love how stainless steel does that it's really really shiny and it's as you can see, it's not huge so it'd be perfect to kind of wear maybe layered or if you kind of like more light simplistic necklaces or even if you wanted to wear this at work you could definitely wear this because it's not too obvious but you'd still feel a bit more like yourself. You could definitely wear this a bunch of different ways and then the chain looks like this and then there is an extender chain here which is probably about three inches. So this is the first one in the collection and I also have in the works a gothic wedding collection which I had the idea of and I wasn't sure if you'd be interested in that so let me know if you are in the comments. I asked you also on Instagram and there was a lot more interest than I thought so that will be coming soon and I'm hoping to also bring out a wedding planner because I've seen a lot of requests for a gothic wedding planner and that's something I could use as well so yeah stay tuned.

Next up I'll go for some earrings. You might remember that I bought this skull necklace out quite a while ago probably two years ago maybe and it's this really like chunky skull necklace and I wear this one so much like it's got such a lovely weight to it, the skull is really detailed which I love. I often had requests for matching earrings but because this pendant is so lovely and heavy as you can see like it literally falls if I don't hold on to it this was not ideal for earrings so I had a look to see what kind of pendants I could find that would match that really well but not have that same weight to it. I feel like with earrings the number one concern (apart from the kind of metals) is the weight to it because you don't really want heavy earrings I mean some people don't mind that and it kind of depends on your preference of what you're okay with so I found mini skulls and these I have to say are adorable. I would 100% wear these if I had my ears pierced so they're very similar they're not as detailed as the big one because they're a lot smaller but they just match perfectly they still have some weight to them but they're nowhere near as heavy as the necklace so this is great if you have that necklace and you always wanted some matching earrings. They're still super detailed hopefully you can see they still have like the black eye sockets, the nose and all of the teeth outlined and kind of all of the jaw structure here and they are very cute, very creepy. Then they have the black bead at the top of them. With all of my stainless steel jewellery you get the choice of stainless steel fish hooks which are these and they also have the rubber backs so they won't like fall out your ears or you can have 20 millimeter Hoops so they're about this big so if you prefer Hoops you can choose that over these. The beads are also glass, they're not plastic or anything so they're really nice quality and these also Sparkle in the light which is really pretty. I'll try and see if I can get it to do it, yeah like that because they've got different sides on them because they're kind of like a diamond shape so they catch the Light really beautifully. So that is the little skull earrings. Also these are a little bit more Hollow compared to the necklace. The necklace is very chunky whereas these have been hollowed out a little bit to make them lighter. Very cute, very creepy this would make such a cute set I might have to group them together.

The next pair of earrings are rose earrings. I don't have the rose necklace on me at the moment but I have a rose necklace that is exactly the same pendant and I got asked on Etsy if I could make some rose earrings and I thought why have I never done that before so I am bringing them out in this collection. They're exactly the same pendant and they look like this. These would also be perfect for if you're looking for gothic wedding Jewellery because they still look very elegant they look very very pretty. They're roses with all of these leaves, these ones don't have the beads because they're already like quite a big pendant so with the glass beads they drop down a little bit too much and the necklace also doesn't have a bead on it so I feel like these work better with just some stainless steel jump rings that have been looped through there and again you do get the choice of the fish hooks or the 20 millimeter Hoops.

All of the ones I am showing you apart from two are made from stainless steel so if you're not sure what stainless steel is, I do actually have a blog post on it so I will I can't link it because it's a blog post but I'll link it in the description for you because I have a whole blog post on my website about the differences between stainless steel jewelry and silver plated jewelry which is what I also offer so most of this is stainless steel but I've got three pieces that are silver plated but stainless steel is a really good material. It's not as valuable as like sterling silver or silver plated because it doesn't have silver in it as you can tell this is a very light grey kind of colour which is what stainless steel is, it's really good usually if you have allergies because it doesn't rust and it doesn't tarnish. Sometimes silver even if it's like solid sterling silver it can still turn like that browny gold kind of colour because you have to keep polishing it and really look after it and it's also a really soft metal so it's more likely to bend. So stainless steel - the main benefits are it doesn't rust, it doesn't tarnish, it doesn't turn your skin green that's why I wear stainless steel rings it's usually a very strong and durable material. It's a very strong metal and that's why it's a popular choice with gothic jewelry. But silver plated is sometimes preferred because it has that like silver kind of expensive look so that's the difference but if you want all of the information go check out my blog post.

I will go through a necklace next because this is the last one that doesn't have a matching set. All of the three things after this have like necklace and earrings. So this is a very chunky bat necklace. I saw this pendant and I was like that's gorgeous. It looks really vampy, is a perfect gothic statement necklace. If you love really chunky jewelry like it's even heavier than the skull so if you love a statement necklace this is for you. It's got this gorgeous bat pendant and you can see his little face - like you can see his eyes and his nose. I loved the shaping of this bat I think it's really unique usually bats have like the wings outwards but I love how they come up like this and all the details in the wings are gorgeous and it is a double-sided pendant. So there are details in the back which I absolutely loved with this one so yeah just a very chunky looking bat necklace and the chain that this one will be on will be one like this so it will have a stainless steel chain. I love these chains because you can actually adjust them to any length that you want which is so helpful. That's one of my like pet peeves when I get jewelry, if I can't adjust them to my length that I want because if I wear a choker and it sits like way down here I'm like no it has to sit here so I'm really picky with the chain that I use because I want you to be able to adjust it to where you want it. If you want it a bit shorter you can do that but also if maybe you have a larger neck then you can also use the extender chain to make it longer so I try to make the chains appeal to everyone. Also if you do require a longer chain I'm happy to do that and that's the same with my necklaces and bracelets as well. I absolutely love this one perfect if you love bats and a vampire aesthetic.

Next up are some ghost jewellery and again I nearly screamed when I saw this pendant. I think it's super Halloweeny, super fun - perfect if you love ghosts. Again it's quite a chunky pendant more of a statement piece not anywhere near like the bat one is but it's still quite a big pendant and it's basically this circle and it's got this really happy ghost with a tooth and he's got his little arms and his swirly tail and he just looks so happy so this is what he looks like. Again I was saying earlier about how stainless steel catches the light like it's so pretty and he's just adorable and if it flips like you still have the design again. It's got the black glass bead, the bail up here and then the stainless steel chain. I just think this is so adorable. This pendant definitely has some weight to it. So yeah, a very cute ghost necklace. To go along with that, there are matching ghost earrings. These are definitely statement earrings. I would say they're a tiny bit on the heavy side maybe similar to the ankh earrings I have in my shop but they're so cute and so fun especially when they're together they just look like a little cute ghost couple. Perfect if you love ghosts and again, Fish Hooks and black glass beads breaking it up a bit.

I will go on to the silver plated now I don't usually pick silver plated charms I usually pick stainless steel charms or I design my own acrylic charms but I saw this pendant and I just thought it was so perfect for summer because when I think of Summer I think more of like nature of like butterflies and all of that. I don't know why I guess because you're out more generally in summer and I saw this and I was like this is the perfect spooky little butterfly and it is a enamel pendant but I just couldn't resist this one and I thought it was so unique because I haven't seen anything like this. It's in the shape of a butterfly, the body is a coffin love that with a cross on it and then the wings are skulls so you've got the skull face with the teeth and you've also got cobwebs in the corners of the wings. I've just never seen anything like it and this would be the perfect gothic necklace for summer and this one would come on a silver plated chain with all the silver plated kind of clasps and extender chains and all of that. Then the matching butterfly earrings look like this - again really really cute. These catch the light really nicely as well so they would kind of hang like this.

Ones that are similar and I nearly didn't get these because they were so similar but I was like I have wanted a stainless steel death head moth necklace for such a long time. I did acrylic ones and I am considering redoing those because that was when I used ink to fill in all the sections (it took forever) and I prefer the printed look of acrylic so I am considering bringing out like a big statement death head moth in acrylic with my design on it. But I saw these and I just thought these were so pretty so this is definitely a smaller one so it's the same size as the butterfly necklace so it's not like a massive statement death head moth necklace but it's still gorgeous and really really elegant. It catches the light beautifully so this is what this one looks like and you can see the skull carved out in the middle so this is engraved and cut out and it's so pretty. I've already had quite a few comments about this one and I have a feeling this one will be quite popular. There are also these death head moth earrings - I would 100 wear these if I had my ears pierced. I think they're gorgeous.

That was the last item in this collection so 10 pieces in total. This gothic jewellery collection will go live on this date. I'm really excited about this collection I hope you are too. Let me know your favourites gothic jewellery pieces in the comments, let me know if you're planning on picking anything up I will leave the link in the description box for you. Tap the links and check out this collection. You can also join my mailing list so I also have that linked too. If you sign up to that you do get a coupon, you also get a free ebook about how to increase your confidence and you get to know a little bit more about my brand so if you're fairly new so I would recommend that. So I hope you enjoyed this video do like and subscribe if you did enjoy it and hopefully I will see you in my next one bye.


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