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How our Gothic Jewellery is Made

Here at Simply Gothic we offer a wide range of unique acrylic gothic jewellery but how is our gothic jewellery made? In this blog post I'll be showing you a little behind of the scenes of how our acrylic jewellery is made from start to finish.

sketch of pendant and finished gothic necklace

1. Rough Sketch

I always like to have a theme in mind when creating a new collection. With this necklace in particular I knew it was going to be a valentines theme and I wanted it to be based on every goth's favourite couple, Morticia and Gomez! I started by sketching out lots of pendant ideas with having necklaces featuring just the quotes 'Cara Mia, Mon Cher' on or including them inside a bat or rose shape.

After lots of trial and error, I decided to choose a design that featured a red rose to represent Morticia and a sword to represent Gomez crossed inside a black coffin.

2. Digital Drawing

Once I've decided on the sketch, I then draw the design digitally using my iPad using reference photos for the rose and sword to get the proportions and shaping right.

At this stage too, there's a lot of experimentation with the layout, text placement as well as figuring out the best placement for the holes and loops (so I can attach the pendant to the chain). I decided to put the hole placement on either side near the top so the pendant would sit nicely, wouldn't turn around and would also be well balanced.

coffin pendant including rose, sword and text 'Cara Mia, Mon Cher'

3. Send to Zap Creatives

All our acrylic jewellery is produced in the UK by a company called Zap Creatives as they offer high quality vibrant printing of images onto recycled black acrylic. After purchasing the pendants, Zap Creatives send me a proof to approve with the hole placement, cut lines and print finish of the pendant along with a mock up to see how the finished pendant would look.

coffin pendant with rose and sword

4. Pendant Arrives

Once the pendant arrives, I check the quality to ensure the print is perfect (no scratches etc) before turning it into a necklace. I attach either silver plated or stainless steel chain, (Read the blog post explains the differences between these materials HERE), red glass beads, clasp and extender chain and test its well balanced when worn.

hand holding gothic necklace featuring a coffin, rose and sword

5. Read to wear

And the necklace is ready to wear! After this the launch prep begins with photographing, editing etc - but thats a blog post for another day!😅

goth girl wearing gothic necklace

Grab your Romantic Goth Coffin Necklace HERE

I hope you found this little behind the scenes interesting!

Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more behind the scenes and what you'd like to see.

Stay Spooky,

Kirstie x


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