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Goth Essentials for Summer

Are you a Goth struggling in the summer heat? Don't worry - its a common problem! Our love of the dark and black clothing doesn't always go well with the bright hot summer months!

In this video I talk about the goth essentials for summer including recommendations for gothic clothing, shoes, accessories and more to help keep you stay cool in the summer months.

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Full Transcript Below

Hello and welcome back to my channel. Todays video is going to be a kind of goth summer essentials but fashion wardrobe Edition. This is going to be a bunch of things I've got shoes, clothes, accessories and kind of what the best things to have are in your wardrobe and where to find them that will help you to express your style in the summer but also keep you cool. So that's what today's video is going to be. I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it's helpful, do subscribe and I will get straight into it.

So I'll start with the shoes because they're just like everywhere so for summer I know a lot of us love to wear boots and I still sometimes attempt to wear some winkle pickers in the summer but as we head into summer, I don't know why I'm saying that we're literally in the middle of summer it feels like it anyway! You want shoes that are open so your feet aren't enclosed and kind of sweating like crazy so I've got two brands in particular. Now one of them I can't really recommend because I haven't tried them out yet but I thought they'd still be good to mention so I did a Demonia order something which I didn't think I would be saying and I bought these and they're so so cute I realized I didn't even haul these. Would you like a Demonia haul? Let me know in the comments because I won't be going through details of everything because we would be here all day! But something like this, something that still looks alternative. They are platformed, they've got these heart rings they look alternative and Gothic but are open so your feet don't absolutely melt. So something like this you could still have platforms some type of Gothic alternative shoes that are very open and enclose your feet a little bit. I know Demonia also do sandal style platforms. Heavy Metal Momma has some really good reviews of their shoes, I'm fairly new to the brand so definitely check out her Channel. She's got the Mary Jane style that she's reviewed and she's also got two other styles that she's also reviewed so definitely head on over and check those out because they're really good reviews.

And the second brand that's probably not a surprise to any of you if you are subscribed is Hot Chocolate Design. They do shoes that are absolutely perfect for the summer. They are fabric which is a really good material to use and they are flat but they have so much personality to them they're really really good shoes and they have so many different options. This is the Betty bone style so they've got bat wings on them, ribbons and bones but you can tell instantly that these are definitely Gothic, alternative shoes. They do so many other designs they do vampire ones, pumpkin ones and they're so so comfortable I can't say any more good things about these shoes like I absolutely love them so that is hot chocolate design- perfect brand for the summer!

I would have got them before I filmed this video if I knew I was going to talk about them but I call them my summer winkle pickers because they're pointy shoes and they've got three straps two across the feet and one across the ankle. I wear them so much in the summer. They're kind of falling apart a little bit but I absolutely love them and I know killstar do a very similar one with moon buckles called The Oracle Flats so any type of shoe like that.

I'm gonna move on to accessories because these are the things I first thought about when I was making a list for this video and then towards the end I will go through all of the clothing. I literally have a mountain of clothes next to me! But the first thing are fishnet tights these are just a must! The best place to get them in the UK is Primark. I've tried h&m fishnet tights they broke on me the first time and luckily I got them in the sale but the starting price was 10 pounds so I was really not impressed with those. Primark you get two pairs for four pounds, an absolute bargain and you can get so many different styles so this is the kind of close together ones. You also get the bigger ones I'm wearing the slightly bigger ones today and then you also get the huge ones that look kind of more like grungy emo-ish so they do three different types of fishnet tights and the price of them is amazing. I always stock up in the summer but I also have ones that are probably about two or three years old and I wear them all of the time because they allow you to add that kind of Gothic detail like if you're not comfortable not wearing tights or you just love wearing tights like me. They add that detail to an outfit they add that like alternative gothicness to it but they still keep your legs fairly cool because they do have holes in them so they do allow the air to pass through so they're just a really good kind of Summer staple.

I also feel like a lot of Goths have a hat like this this is a fedora hat now killstar do some different ones they've got ones with moons or bats around the brim here. You can get custom ones that have moon phases. You can get so many different types of fedora hats I love the classic black one I got this from h&m for about 15 pounds and they just look so witchy. I tend to wear mine a tiny bit like off my head, like I have my Fringe and then my hat sits about here and it just looks so witchy. It's also good because it keeps you permanently in the shade at least for your face and it also protects the back of your neck from sunburn. There have been so many times where I've burnt the back of my neck and I've wished that I had put this on it's good for quite a lot of different things it's witchy and adds all the witchy Vibes to your outfit but it's also practical and it will also stop your head from burning so I always take this on holiday with me and yeah again definitely a summer staple to have. And it's nicer than a baseball hat!

I couldn't not mention sunglasses. I love sunglasses, I've always had like one or two pairs but this year in particular I just got really into them and now I have a collection. You can get really cool like cases for them so I always feel like in the summer obviously not today because I am my usual Gothic self but especially when it gets to those 30 degree temperatures, maybe you're outside so like you need to wear Sun cream it can be very difficult to accessorise. I don't wear my choker if I'm wearing sun cream, I don't wear half my gothic jewellery because I don't want it to get ruined so I feel like sunglasses are that thing where again they're practical, they shade your eyes from the Sun but they also become an accessory. So I've got a few different ones, I've got these ones from killstar which are more cat eye, they just look very sassy and they cover a lot of your face like probably about this much like they're very big sunglasses and they've got pentagrams on them. New Look heart sunglasses so if I wanted to do more of like a rockabilly 50s look I would wear these like you can still match it to an outfit even if you don't wear your usual full-on jewellery and belts. My favourite pair of sunglasses are actually Disturbia and I wear these all the time they're like classic, I call them my Trad goth sunglasses because they're really round and they've got spikes on them. I love the look when I wear these so you can match your sunglasses to your outfit which I really really like. I'd say the best place in the UK at least is like Disturbia - I haven't seen them release some for a while but this pair I have a really nice and new look, h&m like loads of places do really good sunglasses.

Next up we're going through the clothing. The first thing that came to mind and this is something that I just absolutely wear to death and this is more of a entering summer like if it's probably 18 degrees 20 degrees is a thin cardigan. I got this like six years ago maybe from h&m and it's been such a summer staple for me. It's from The Divided section I think I found some on Vinted so if you just type in like thin h&m black cardigan you should get some type of thing come up but I love this one in particular and I was really hoping to get a new one because the sleeves have kind of all come undone. But I will not get rid of this unless it falls apart in which I might go and fix it so it's just as you can tell completely see-through and it does look more see-through to be honest on camera than it is in person. I just love it so it's got these kind of slits in it, it's got sleeves and I would put it over something like this. I will risk sweating to show you. It just looks like a plain black cardigan but it sits like off the shoulders really nicely it's not like too much and you can roll the sleeves up which I tend to do so like my gothic bracelets are still showing and it's such a lovely length so it sits like this and then it's got the slits in it so probably like mid thigh. Again it looks really really witchy for some reason I don't know why this specific one but it's the perfect thickness where it still offers you sun protection, it's not too much though and it's not bulky and it's a nice length like it's not too cropped but it's also not like down to your knees it's just the perfect cardigan which is why it's so worn. Something like this you could probably find in h&m, New Look, Asos all of those types of places.

The other one is a mesh kimono, to be honest I haven't worn this as much as that other cardigan because I feel like this is for when it's really hot and usually if it's really hot I am just in short sleeves but again I know there's some people who are like self-conscious about their arms or just prefer like a light cover up and I feel like this is the option. It's completely mesh it's really long it's probably like a maxi kimono but I just think this is really cool over a strappy top and a skirt like it just again adds those witchy Vibes it does have elbow length sleeves and I got this from again h&m quite a few years ago. I used this to put over my swimming costume when I'd walk down from the hotel to the swimming pool like quite a few years ago when I went on holiday so that's what I use this for but you could use it as part of your outfit it looks really cool and I feel like again you can get these from most places. Primark do one that's got more of like a lacy pattern on it and it's in the swimwear section so always check the swimmer section if you're looking for a kimono.

Now we're on to like the proper clothes so the first thing that came to mind is shorts so I've got these shorts these are probably my favorite ones. These are from Collectif so if you love a more like 50s rockabilly style these are high-waisted they've got pockets like they're perfect. I love Collectif for shorts. These are Primark which I hauled, I did a High Street haul with a bunch of different brands I will link it for you but I included these and these are the perfect goth summer basic like they're really light and flowy which is what you want for the summer. You don't really want tight fitting clothing because you want the air to be able to pass through so these are really good and also these ones. These are from Disturbia and I absolutely love these I feel like this was the last item I got from them before they turned bad but I love these shorts I wore these the other day to Hobbycraft with this top. This is also from Disturbia a ghost story and I absolutely love this combo, like this is just everything and I also usually put like a chunky studded belt around it. I didn't actually wear makeup because I was just going to Hobbycraft and I still looked just like super goth so I was just loving that outfit so definitely some really cool places to get shorts I would say Disturbia if you can find these, Primark do really good basic ones and Collectif. All of these are really lovely quality as well. I would say the Disturbia ones have faded in the wash but I'm not sure if that's just because of the denim but yeah so definitely some really cool statement shorts is a good option.

I'll go on to that top I feel like tops like this are really good now this is a crop top but I love this one because it's quite baggy as you can see like it's not super baggy but it's not super tight fitting so this is perfect because you've got something that's cropped so already you're not like layering things because I think it always goes a bit wrong and you start sweating loads when you have a really long top and you tuck it in and then you have shorts on the top and then you've just got so many different layers going on. So I feel like a crop top tucked into shorts is perfect because you don't have that overlap of layers because it's so cropped. Sticking with the tops is I feel like basic ones like this are such a good idea in the summer now this is almost looking orange this is definitely a pinky red - it's more pink than my makeup so it's definitely completely off with the camera but I got this top from Hollister and it's just like a basic scoop neck top with cute sleeves and again like this with some shorts. I feel like this and the Cherry shorts would look really cute and again that would be a really like fun alternative outfit so definitely some like basic cropped tops are a good idea because you can pair them with like flowy skirts maybe maxi skirts. And they would be more likely to keep you cool in summer than if you were to wear leather or velvet.

As I was mentioning flowy skirts I love these so this one is from killstar and it's just these really flowy skirts and these are definitely my summer ones and I also have this one which I love which has skulls on it I always wear these in the summer with like some Fisnet tights with the hot chocolate Design shoes with like a vest top. I'll put a photo of the vest top here because I wear that a lot in the summer and I love pairing it with this and I feel like although I'm wearing quite a lot of black and although the vest top is quite fitted, I still feel decent in the summer. I also have this one and it's just a simple black one, it's very very thin although you can't see through it so that's good but it's again very very flowy and I tend to wear that with patterned tops like I got a leaf top from Collectif and it's like bright green so I wanted the black to balance it out so if you love skirts then definitely some of these like flowy viscose skirts are a really good option in the summer because again they express your style because they'll have like what you like on the skirt but they're really flowy and they allow air to go through.

I've got three things left one of them is these types of dresses any type of mesh dress I think is a really good idea. Now you do have that layer underneath so I wouldn't say this is probably the best for if it's really hot but it's kind of similar to what I'm wearing so this has like an under dress and then it's got this mesh one on top and it allows air to like go through the mesh so you're not just completely sweating although I would sweat anyway but these types of dresses are really really good. You would just have to be aware that like the sun can get through mesh so you would want to be careful with sun cream and everything if you were outside quite a lot. So yeah dresses like this again just anything flowy is a good option the next one was one I wasn't originally gonna pick but again I wear it so much in the summer and I feel like these types of dresses are just such a good one to have you can accessorise it you can dress it up you can dress it down and it's just like an almost square neck but kind of more of a scoop neck with these puffy sleeves, it goes in at the waist and then flares out into this kind of tiered dress. This one was from Cameo Rose from New Look I think I hauled this one two years ago maybe. I definitely did a video with this and I just absolutely love it the thing I like about this one is although it's like black and everything the sleeves are really loose the chest is fairly loose, the only area where it's tight is the waist because it like cinches in but then again you've got the skirt which is really really flowy. That's the word of this video flowy. It just instantly looks Gothic and it has more of like a dull look to it you could dress it up with like a simple necklace or with some sunglasses like this, the hat and some sunglasses like even if you put no accessories with that it would still look really alternative.

The last one is one of my favorite summer goth essentials and its play suits. I got super into play suits last year or the year before and I found this one in new look and it's it's literally my favourite like I've just washed it and got it back because I just wear it so much. It just makes you look so put together, it's really really comfortable and I actually wore this in Pompeii in Italy and it was 37 degrees C at the time which, I have like never sweated so much in my life like even my nose was sweating. So this did well to be honest, by the end of it I was nearly ready to cry but this did very well. So I have worn this in a ridiculously hot temperature and it did well so again it's kind of similar to that dress it's got like the flowy puffy sleeve, now this one does cinch in on the chest so it is kind of form-fitting on the chest but as soon as you get to the waist it flares out into lovely baggy flowy shorts so it's just really comfortable and that's why it's so flattering is it goes in at the chest and then flares out from the waist so it kind of has that like cute skater style silhouette. I have a bunch of playsuits from New Look. I've recently got one from Bonsai Kitten and I do have an outfit of the day with that so I will link it in the eye if it's up. I got so many comments about that playsuit and something like that again even if you were to pair it with no jewellery is instantly like spooky because it's bright red with black bats on it so if you go for more like bold prints or like darker colours even if you don't accessorise them, you're still gonna like look like yourself and still be expressing who you are without having to sweat through all of like the leather chokers.

I do hope that that was helpful. I just wanted to give you maybe some ideas of where you can find things that you might want to include in your summer wardrobe, if you're struggling with the heat what type of things can help you stay a bit cooler. I know linen is the best material for the heat but I don't really wear linen. Linen trousers aren't for me but I know that that's supposed to be a good material for the heat but I think things like fishnet tights and mesh like they're going to allow air to go through them and the big kind of no's for summer I would say are my lovely favourite materials leather and velvet. I love velvet but I haven't worn it in a really long time because oh it's a challenge and especially leather and also anything that is that shiny leather like PVC. I wore some PVC shoes the other day (the Wednesday ones that I got from Killstar) and there were puddles in them at the end like it was ridiculous because they just keep the heat in your shoes even though they were like kind of open although they did have like a pentagram there I have never seen my feet sweat so much. So definitely avoid leather, PVC and velvet - I know they're our most favourite materials but we can get them back in Autumn.

I do hope this was helpful. Let me know in the comments if it was helpful I also have a video called Summer Essentials or like how to survive summer something along those lines where I go through things like staying in the shade keeping hydrated wearing sun cream all of that I have a video that I did two years ago so I will link that if that's the type of thing you're looking for instead of clothing. Let me know if you'd like a revamped version of that because I found some things and some hacks but especially for staying cool inside a UK house because that is a whole other challenge of itself so let me know if you'd like that. I could definitely do that, that will be things more like wearing a cold flannel around your neck so if you'd like those types of tips let me know in the comments and I will film that ASAP for you. Please like and subscribe if you did enjoy this video and hopefully I will see you in my next one bye.


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