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Silver Plated Jewellery Vs Stainless Steel Jewellery

Did you know that here at Simply Gothic I offer both silver plated and stainless steel options for our gothic jewellery? But what's the difference and pros and cons of both? In this blog post I'll be comparing silver plated jewellery vs stainless steel jewellery.

selection of stainless steel gothic jewellery including ghost necklaces, bat jewellery and coffin earrings

Silver Plated

Silver plated jewellery refers to a base metal (such as copper or brass) being coated in a very thin layer of sterling silver. As it's silver in colour, it is often preferred for its shiny finish and is a more affordable option compared to 925 sterling silver. It is a softer material so can therefore bend and tarnish easily.

As it is silver plated and not 925 sterling silver it will tarnish over time due to its thin layer of silver coming into contact with things such as water, chemicals, perfume, oils from your skin etc. To protect your jewellery and slow down tarnishing it is better to remove it when showering, spraying perfume and any activity when it comes into contact with another material.

goth girl holding gothic black heart necklace

Here is one of our Cobweb Heart Necklaces where the pendant is made from acrylic with silver plated components and chain.

Grab your cobweb heart necklace HERE

goth girl wearing black heart gothic jewellery with a pastel goth aesthetic

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is grey in appearance and is an alloy of iron that is resistant to rusting and corrosion. This means that it won't tarnish or turn your skin green! It's a popular choice for jewellery as it's affordable, durable and long lasting. It's also a preferred choice is you have specific metal allergies.

Stainless steel jewellery also doesn't get damaged very easily and also doesn't need to be polished as often as materials like silver. However as its more affordable, its not seen as valuable compared to Silver and Gold.

Goth girl holding stainless steel gothic earrings in coffin shape

Here is our fully stainless steel coffin bat statement earrings on stainless steel fish hooks.

Grab your stainless steel coffin bat earrings HERE

goth girl wearing stainless steel gothic earrings with coffins and bats

To recap here are the pros and cons for silver plated and stainless steel jewellery so you can decide which material you prefer and is best for you.

table of pros and cons of gothic jewellery in silver plated and stainless steel

You can shop our acrylic jewellery (with the option of silver plated or stainless steel construction) HERE and our stainless steel jewellery collection HERE

Thanks so much for reading!

Stay spooky,

Kirstie x


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