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How Goth are you?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Welcome to the How Goth are you quiz!

goth girl wearing plague doctor necklace with text saying how goth are you

So how does the quiz work? I'll have a series of statements which will give you points which will tell you how goth you are at the end. Of course this is all just for fun!

Ready? Let's start!

  1. Your favourite colour is black (1 point)

  2. You own black lipstick (1 pt)

  3. You have black or red hair (1pt)

  4. You own a pair of winkle pickers or platform boots (2 pts)

  5. You own a piece of gothic jewellery (2 pts)

  6. Your home is full of skulls (4 pts)

  7. You love bats or cats (4 pts)

  8. Your eyeliner is bold (4pts)

  9. You listen to Goth music (5pts)

  10. You've read Edgar Allan Poe (5pts)

  11. You've seen the Addams Family (5pts)

  12. You love DIY (8pts)

  13. You've attended a goth event/club (8pts)

  14. You own a real coffin (10pts)

  15. You've seen The Cure live (10pts)

Have you added up your points? Lets see how you did!

  • 1-12 Points - The Baby Bat - You've getting there! We've all been a Baby Bat at one stage so its a great start!

  • 13-34 Points - Spooky Enthusiast - Excellent score! You're definitely a spooky enthusiast obsessed with all things dark, goth and spooky!

  • 35 -52 Points - Goth to the bone - Wow! Thats a lot of points, you must be goth to the bone! I'm guessing seeing the cure live and owning a real coffin set you back? Don't worry, you still have time!

  • 53 - 70 Points - Hardcore Trad Goth - Incredible! You're most likely a huge fan of the 80s and perhaps enjoyed the subculture when it was most active. You take the subculture very seriously and have earned the title Trad Goth!

If you missed out points by not owning a piece of Gothic jewellery, I can help you score those 2 extra points! Check out our range of gothic jewellery HERE

And if you're stuck on what to choose here's a guide to help you!

goth girl wearing goth jewellery including skulls, bats, ankhs and coffins

How Goth are you? Don't forget to let me know your scores in the comments below!

Stay Spooky,

Kirstie x

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1 Comment

May 22, 2023

I got 37 !!!! Sounds about right for me. I’ve been into the goth subculture for like more than ten years but have gotten more into it in the past few years !!! Love the music!!! I pretty much like all music but I finally feel like I have found my music, not just good music!!!

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