Box 41 is themed ‘Foolish Mortals’.

This box will include:

1 Custom Made Necklace

1 Custom Made Pair of earrings

1-2 Mystery item/s (could be an art print, coaster, keyring, stickers etc)

A 10% off discount code to spend in store


It will contain 3-4 items which are  custom made pieces and can’t be bought anywhere else. FAQs are available on the Subscription Box section. Box 41 will be shipped between the beginning and middle of July.


Chain Info:

Standard Silver Plated - Silver in appearance, costume jewellery

Stainless Steel - Grey in appearance, long lasting - wont tarnish

Simply Gothic Mystery Box - Foolish Mortals

  • Subscription boxes are custom made and limited edition and are therefore non-returnable. 

  • This box (41) will be shipped between 1st-15th July. Please do not pre-order if you cannot wait this amount of time.