Simply Gothic Mystery Box
What is the Gothic Self Care Box?

Have you always wanted to treat yourself to a self care box? Why wouldn't you? You work hard and deserve a little you time once in a while!

Whether that's relaxing in the bath, having a cup of tea while reading your favourite book or simply working on your self confidence and being your best self.  

But every time you go and search for a box, you run into the same problem every single time! That's right... pink! Pink everything and not a single bit of black in sight to please your little goth heart!  

Introducing.. our Gothic Self Care Box!

Bursting full of spooky gothic items from bath bombs to jewellery to home decor, there's guaranteed to be something for you to help you de-stress however you like to spend your 'you time'.  

And while you're relaxing and de-stressing from the stresses of everyday life, you can feel proud of  yourself knowing that you have supported 7 small businesses! (Yep 7!) Thats 7 dreams you have helped to come true!

So what are you waiting for? Indulge in some you time and treat yourself to a self care box specifically put together for your gothic style.